Blockchain for Application Developers and Business Users



The ULedger blockchain-as-a-service platform (ULedgerNETTM) is a highly flexible, highly scalable blockchain solution. The platform has been designed to provide rigorous security, high performance, and unprecedented flexibility, enabling users of all kinds to get the most of their blockchain applications.

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ULedgerNETTM offers an easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure. Here’s what it provides:

Run multiple blockchains with full control.

ULedger's blockchain-as-a-service platform allows users to launch and run as many private or public blockchains as needed.

Optimization with Multi-chain support

Multi-chain support allows each node to participate in multiple blockchains. Unlike most blockchains where nodes can only focus on a single blockchain, ULedger's architecture separates data from processing. Each node can process data for one or more blockchains, significantly optimizing hardware and power consumption.

Simple use and administration

Blockchain developers and users can simply sign up for an account and gain access to the ULedger blockchain-as-a-service customer portal. They don’t need to provision hardware or software themselves.

Seamless integration

With our versatile Software Development Kits (SDKs) available in multiple coding languages, including Python, Go, and TypeScript, developers have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate our powerful data integrity and verification features into applications, regardless of their preferred coding language.

ULedgerNETTM: Making blockchain technology accessible and efficient.




  • Test Blockchain with temporal hashing
  • ULedger public permissionless blockchain
  • Create your own public or private permissioned blockchain
  • SDKs and documentation
  • Dashboard with key metrics and simplified administration.

Ideal for both large enterprises and small businesses, ULedgerNETTM empowers organizations to enhance data security, streamline operations, and improve transparency.

Create blockchain-powered applications with ease, while government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, legal firms, and educational institutions benefit from ULedgerNET's secure record-keeping and data sharing capabilities.

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