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July 7, 2023

As more organizations digitize and automate operations, they’re discovering the need for a trusted, immutable, and transparent system of record. For applications as varied as supply chain management, decentralized finance, healthcare, or other use cases centered on community, a transparent, cryptographically secure system of record increases trust, streamlines operations, and reduces fraud.

Unfortunately, earlier blockchain technologies have failed to deliver the ease-of-use, scalability, and economic efficiency organizations need—hence the 90% failure rate of blockchain projects so far.

In contrast, the ULedger platform has been built from the ground up to provide unprecedented flexibility and economies of scale for designing and deploying blockchain applications. With our latest release, we’re making this technology available to application developers in an easy-to-use solution that delivers the security of private blockchains with the accountability of public blockchains. Developers in small-to-medium enterprises, managed service providers, and application development companies will find ULedger a powerful solution for building blockchain applications quickly and easily.

“ULedger was founded to fix the problems with earlier blockchain architectures,” says Joe Honan, CEO. “We provide data privacy even on public networks. We also provide an energy-efficient architecture, greatly reducing the power consumption of blockchain applications. And we deliver a more scalable architecture, removing limitations of traditional blockchain implementations, so organizations can grow their blockchain applications and meet the boldest digital ambitions. With our latest release, we’re making all these features available in an easy-to-use service that meets the needs of blockchain visionaries, application developers, and managed service providers.”

With today’s announcement, developers can:

  1. Build and run blockchain applications on the ULedger blockchain-as-a-service.
  2. Develop and test applications on ULedger’s developer network, then deploy them to production on ULedger’s production network.
  3. Ensure that data remains private even while running blockchains on a public network.Scale blockchain applications while avoiding the performance plateaus common to other blockchains.
  4. Run multiple blockchains on a single network, increasing the scalability and efficiency of blockchain investments.
  5. Achieve environmental sustainability goals by relying on blockchain technology that consumes a fraction of the power of other blockchain technologies without sacrificing security or performance.

‍“With this release of the ULedger platform, we’re taking the risks out of blockchain development for applications that depend on high-frequency, high-stakes data,” says Gianluca De Novi, CTO. “Building on our patented Cross-Merkleization technology and other ULedger features, we’re providing linear scalability to eliminate performance bottlenecks, while also providing a secure, reliable Single Node Proof of Work (SNPoW) algorithm for verifying transactions. The result is a highly scalable, highly energy-efficient, and easy-to-use blockchain-as-a-service platform suitable for a broad range of applications in a broad range of markets.”

“Every aspect of ULedger has been designed to provide the accountability of a decentralized public network with the full data protection and speed of a private network,” De Novi continues. “Now, developers can build applications on a blockchain-as-a-service platform that meets the requirements of the most demanding technologist, while providing the performance, scalability, and flexibility required for succeeding in today’s hypercompetitive business markets.”

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ULedger has combined the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technologies to protect every email by contemporaneously, proactively, and transparently recording on our blockchain, creating an auditable trail that enhances trust.