ULedger Verify™ Unveiled at CES 2024: Redefining Email Cybersecurity


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January 9, 2024

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- ULedger is thrilled to announce the launch of its data integrity, security, and compliance solution -ULedger Verify™- at CES 2024, revolutionizing the data integrity and cybersecurity industry. CES 2024 showcases the latest technological innovations, unveiling breakthroughs that redefine the future of consumer electronics and frontier technology.

In today's interconnected digital world, threats like phishing, spoofing, and the emerging menace of "whale phishing" are constant concerns. A recent IBM publication (2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report) reflects how phishing attacks and compromised credentials have consistently ranked as the leading causes of data breaches. There has been a substantial financial impact of these breaches, with organizations facing an average cost of $4.5 million to mitigate such security threats (15.3% increase from 2020). Surprisingly, only 1/3 of these breaches were identified by the organizations’ internal security teams and tools, highlighting the need for proactive vs. reactive security measures.

ULedger has harnessed the combined power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our globally patented Blockchain technologies to create an unmatched data integrity, security, and compliance mechanism in the form of ULedger Verify™ with ULedger Verify™ for Email and ULedger Verify™ for Sender.

ULedger Verify™ for Email is the first of our growing data-integrity solutions that every organization can use to protect their incredibly valuable digital assets”— ULedger CEO, Joe Honan

ULedger Verify™ for Email

Utilizing ULedger Verify™ for Email, every message is recorded on the ULedgerNET™ blockchain, creating an auditable trail that enhances trust. ULedger Verify™ further enhances email security with encrypted communication and flexible data storage options. Email encryption ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and protected during transmission. With a straightforward setup process, people can seamlessly integrate it with Microsoft Outlook email, ensuring email security and authenticity of your communications.

Pricing of ULedger Verify™ for Email starts from $4.00 per inbox per month.

ULedger Verify™ for Sender

ULedger Verify™ for Sender presents an unmatched layer of trust with its email client add-in. This plug-in simplifies the process and effectively eliminates the possibility of phishing or spoofing by proactively verifying the identity of the sender of the email in real-time guaranteeing proof of provenance. By installing this add-in, users can seamlessly integrate ULedger Verify™ for Sender into their Outlook email, making it effortless to authenticate and validate that an email message is from the intended sender.

Pricing for ULedger Verify™ for Sender starts from $1.00 per inbox per month.

Future ULedger Verify™ Roadmap

While ULedger Verify™ currently offers email security solutions, ULedger has an established roadmap providing data integrity for customers and their end users for multiple media types, including logs, files, data, media, AI, and other digital assets.

"ULedger is revolutionizing data integrity and cyber-threat mitigation with the launch of our ULedger Verify™ product line.” says ULedger CEO, Joe Honan. “Leveraging our patented 4th generation AI, ML, and Blockchain technologies, we are moving beyond the outdated 'whack-a-mole' malware detection methods. Our approach proactively verifies sender identity, safeguarding organizations from the deluge of communication-based phishing, spoofing, and whaling attacks. With ULedger Verify™ for Email, we introduce a groundbreaking solution in our expanding suite of data-integrity tools. Our product provides a unique verification stamp, and an easy validation process, ensuring messages are from their true senders. If it doesn’t say “Verified by ULedger”, don’t trust it! ULedger Verify™ for Email is the first of our growing data-integrity solutions that every organization can use to protect their incredibly valuable digital assets”.

Case Study – Basin Pacific Insurance

There is a big need for data management solutions in highly regulated industries. Particularly, solutions around building audit trails and trustworthy data attestation in case legal processes arise.

Basin Pacific is an insurance company with 16 locations in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. The company offers insurance products for individuals, families, and businesses. The first iteration of ULedger Verify™ was established to have an audit trail for their emails to provide evidence against customers making fraudulent claims through revising historical emails in the claims process. Today, ULedger processes over 150,000 emails a month for Basin Pacific Insurance.

"ULedger Verify acts as a truth detector for us, providing the peace-of-mind that we have a copy of all emails received by or sent from, our organization", says Basin Pacific Insurance CFO, Micah Trautman. "So much of our business is conducted via email that we need to know we have a complete and immutable email record in the event that an employee fails to attach one to our CRM system, we have a systems failure, or in an unfortunate scenario, someone is dishonest and trying to cover something up”.

Visit www.uledger.io now and sign up to start safeguarding emails with ULedger Verify™ for Email and Sender. With the launch at CES 2024, ULedger is offering 20% off the first 6 months using promo code “CES2024” at checkout.

About ULedger

ULedger is the next-generation data-integrity technology platform that harnesses our patented AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain Technologies to authenticate, validate & create public-trust for private-data.

The company provides the applications, infrastructure, and ecosystems for organizations of all sizes to thrive in the global marketplace.

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ULedger has combined the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technologies to protect every email by contemporaneously, proactively, and transparently recording on our blockchain, creating an auditable trail that enhances trust.