ULedger Solutions

Whether you are an organization looking to incorporate blockchain into your existing data and information environment, or a third-party developer and solution provider, ULedger’s blockchain products are fast and easy to integrate.


ULedger Global Blockchain Network

Start or level up your organization’s blockchain platform strategy with ULedger Managed Blockchain infrastructure, ULedgerNET. With hardware, software, and compute resources deployed and managed according to your blockchain workloads, you can be confident that your platform usage scales in a predictable and cost-efficient manner.

Built upon our concept of “nodes, neighbors, and neighborhoods” architecture, ULedgerNET is specifically designed to handle both intra- and inter-organizational blockchain business processes. Powered by our patented Cross-Merkelization engine, ULedger’s global blockchain platform keeps your data private but publicly provable to your business partners, customers, regulators, and other stakeholders.


ULedgerNET Dashboard

Explore and manage all of your blockchain platform usage
with our smart and intuitive ULedgerNET Dashboard.

COMING SOON - ULedger Marketplace

Our Web 3.0 Marketplace

Take advantage of innovative web 3.0 solutions built by experienced, certified developers or contribute your own for others to adopt. The ULedger Marketplace facilitates a decentralized, global ecosystem of products, services and tools that will accelerate your organization’s capability to meet the demands of today’s data-driven customers.

ULME Marketplace
Development SDK
Developer SDK

ULedger for Developers

Develop "Powered by ULedger" distributed applications with ease. Built by developers for developers, ULedger setup is simple, elegant and efficient. Choose the development tools that work best for you and be up-and-running with ULedger’s development environment from Day One.